Model flying at St Agnes

Dear BMFA & BDF Members

Those in the slope soaring community will most likely be aware that model flying at St Agnes has been banned by the National Trust until we are able to agree a License. This ban has a legal basis and anyone flying there is open to prosecution and a very substantial fine.

With the summer holiday season now upon us some of you may have plans to visit the area and fly at St Agnes. Please do not do so, we must adhere to the current ban, an individual has been noted flying there and was reported to the National Trust with the result that the detailed negotiations between the BMFA, BMFA South West Area and the National Trust have been put on hold. It is also apparent from social media that people are still flying models at St Agnes. This can only further harm our cause even if no immediate concern is shown by other passers-by and that there is no signage.

There is no easy route through this difficult situation. For the time being our model flying community has to adhere to the ban and not fly at St Agnes. Continuing to fly there despite the ban may well lead to our not obtaining a license at all. The National Trust’s policy towards model flyers in general has not changed, their hands are tied by the requirements of Natural England on this matter and they need our support. To make progress we have to show that we are a disciplined community; please do not fly at St Agnes until a License has been agreed.

Kind regards,
Andy Symons
BMFA Club Support Officer