Request from the Outreach Director

In January 2023, Helen Jones was co-opted to the BMFA Board as Outreach Director. Her specific brief is to develop and progress ideas that will encourage and inspire new members, both young and old, to join the BMFA and to become the model flyers of the future. In pursuance of this, we need some assistance from Areas.

In order to create interest and momentum, and to be able to post on the BMFA website and in BMFA News, photos of recent events that specifically involve new members taking part in all aspects of our sport; members undergoing tuition, building models and RC flyers that have passed one of the many Achievement Scheme tests, are good examples, but also any participation in international competitions, particularly juniors. Action shots would also be good, and all of the above applies across all disciplines, so Free Flight and Control Line as well.

The date, venue (Club) and a few details to provide a little context for the photo would also be helpful.

At the moment, this is an information gathering exercise, but the hope is that with the help of Areas and their Clubs, we can start to encourage members to begin collecting photos and the associated details.

It is to be noted that where a photograph or image of a junior member/ vulnerable adult is used, parental permission must be obtained, and more information on this will be sent later. However, Clubs may have already obtained such permission as part of their membership application process.

All photos / details can be sent by email to: